Be Careful What You Ask For

John 12:20-36

“Now, my soul is troubled” (Luke 22:27).  This is what Jesus says when confronted with the reality of his life.  The time had come.  The words seem benign as I read them, but they were not.  A troubled soul is filled with turmoil.  Fear, anxiety, even anger fill your body.  It shows physically.  Your heart rate elevates, perspiration is visible, and your body shakes.  In this, most extreme case, Jesus sweat blood! (Luke 22:44).  In this moment, Jesus had two options.  Save himself or glorify God.

You already know what Jesus’ choice was.  The real question is what will your choice be when your soul is troubled?  One option is to tell God, “save me.”  This way, I don’t have to endure the pain.  I can shrink to my comfortable existence, relaxing on the couch watching Netflix.

Make no mistake, God will give you what you ask for.

Instead, what happens if we tell God, “Father, glorify your name?”  (John 12;28).  It’s interesting when I think about it.  That simple phrase releases all the tension.  Not because the situation suddenly resolves, but because it now has a purpose.  A purpose that supersedes my selfish desire and builds up all of mankind.  A purpose that usurps my comfort and expands God’s love.

Make no mistake, God will give you what you ask for.