Just As You Are Doing

1 Thessalonians 4

I tend to read scripture with a critical voice.  The Bible is written for instruction and correction, I think.  When I heed these words, I become closer to Christ, righteous, and worthy – right?  Sort of.  This is not entirely true.  Once in a while, it is worth reflecting on what is going right.  In fact, if you are a Christ-follower, you are honoring God.

Paul subtly reminds us of this today in 1 Thessalonians 4:1.  He says that the words that we have taken and brought into our lives have shaped the things that we do – the way we walk.  These things, he adds, are honoring to God.  As I sit and reflect on that, my body takes on a new posture.  It mimics a man of pride and joy.  I feel worthy.  Maybe you feel that too?

I know that these strange and great feelings are not a result of my great works.  No, they are the result of His great work.  Specifically, his work on the cross rids me of sin.  His work in the grave allows my old self to pass away.  Yes, and His work in ascension brings me new life.  Life that can never be taken away.  These are the words worth remembering.  These are the things that we should “keep doing.”