Be Vigilant

I was listening in Bible study when the speaker made an interesting comment. He said, “Satan doesn’t want to waste his time on me.” Let me explain. This was a man of faith. Deep faith. His love for Jesus was evident in his action and his character. He worked hard to follow, faithfully. So, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would Satan waste his time?
This comment becomes interesting to me as I read today’s scripture. To start, we hear Jesus reminding his listeners to be ready. Being ready means being vigilant. After all, he says, “if you fall asleep while guarding your house, you might get robbed.” Jesus, of course, was talking about his return. We want to be ready. We want to be found faithful. That makes sense to me. At least it does until we get to verse 41. When Peter asks “are you telling this parable for us, or everyone?”
Peter’s question is a curious one. As a faithful follower, he is thinking “yada, yada, yada, I’ve heard this before, get on with the real lesson.” But, he is willing to endure it so that some others might be influenced. I mean, Peter is a faithful follower. He’s thinking that he has nothing to worry about. Just like my teacher.  But, the warning is real.
In typical Jesus fashion, the answer to Peter’s question is carved into a story. Even so, the answer is clear. More, not less, is demanded from Jesus’ faithful servants. We are the example. We have not been saved so that our lives can go well. We have been saved to serve. This service, when acted on faithfully, will result in opportunities for our own glorification. That is, we may begin to believe that we ourselves are responsible for the position that we have achieved. This is a precarious moment. This is what Jesus is warning about.
Jesus knew the deep faith of Peter. He also knew where Peter was vulnerable. The answer is a warning.  A reminder that Satan lurks around every corner. Things like pride, envy, and drunkenness are waiting to capture us. There is no time to waste.
So, just like Peter, we are to be vigilant, and constantly on watch to avoid danger.  The direct answer to Peter’s question in verse 41 – who is this for? – is Yes, Peter.  it is for you.  And, it is for me.  It is for you too.