Good Morning!

How do you start your day?  Clicking through emails and scrolling headlines brings on the pressures of life.  What a mess! How will you respond, what will you do?   As I sit in self-pity, anger, and anxiety, I hear the voice of God.  “Hey, remember me?”  He asks.  I do.  In those moments, I remember that God is our helper.  He is in control of all situations.  In fact, I can use him. Surely, he will provide me with the strategies that I need to navigate this day.  So, that’s my prayer and off I go.
Why do I do this?  I tell myself it is responsible.  I should be informed.  It also seems strategic.  When I know what I am in for, I can plan better.  I can shape my activities to create the best possible outcome.
If you sense that something is wrong with this method, you are right.  In fact, our lives will be entirely different if our days start like David’s in Psalm 104.   Rather than finding ways to use God in his life, he determines who God is.  For example, when was the last time you thought about God as creator?
God is not just the creator.  He is also the orchestrator.  He brings all of creation together, in harmony, so that it acts in concert.  Each piece works together, for Him.  For His purposes and for His glory.
How about provider?  God provides for us in the way that we most commonly think – he gives us food and shelter, but there is more.  He gives us places to sing.  Just as he does for the bird with the branches of the trees (v12).
 Because of who He is, I will sing,  I will praise my God with every breath. I will think of Him and His ways.  I will please Him only.  I rejoice in Him.
Let’s go start the day.