Praise The Lord

Stop reading this post right now and look around you, what can you praise God for right at this moment? Maybe it is the roof you have over your head? Maybe the comfy chair you are sitting in and the cozy blanket that is covering you? Maybe it is the good news you just received this am? As I look out my window I see 3 deer running through the trees. I can only see them now that the leaves have fallen. I seem them leap and chase after one another. Thank You God for the creation of deer and the joy that I see in watching them play.

Just watching the deer frolic and play brought a smile to my face. Thanking God for that simple joy of watching them changed my thinking. That is what praising God does for us. It changes our thoughts and our minds. Praising God should not be reserved for Sunday mornings.

Psalms 150 instructs us to praise the Lord in ALL THINGS! When we praise the Lord we cause bondages to break loose, strongholds to come down and chains to fall. The devil does not like when we praise the name of Jesus and he has to flee. We are drawn closer to Jesus when we praise His name and our connection to Him is greater.

The last verse of the 150th Psalm talks about breath. Take a deep breath and feel the air fill in your lungs. Breathing deeply calms us and quiets the mind. God gave us that breath the minute that we were born and we will continue to take breaths until our very last one. The ability to breathe is the gift of life. If we are sitting here breathing, we have a gift. We can be grateful for our ability to breathe and the fact that we are living. As long as we are breathing we have the ability to hope, pray, and rely on God to grow and change us as He sees fit.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:6

Praise The Lord!