Do You Trust God?

Genesis 6-8, Psalm 104, Mark 3

I find it is easier to trust God when I am going through hard times.  What other choice do I have when everything around me is falling apart?  When I have nothing else, it is God who I turn to and He is faithful to lead me through the valley.  But, what if God told you to do something outrageous, would you believe that He would see you through?  What if the task He gave you seemed absolutely ridiculous?

This is what we learn about Noah today in our reading of Genesis 6-8.  Noah is an example of someone in the Bible who fully trusted God.  God commanded him to build an ark (Genesis 6:14).  This had to be hard to understand as Noah and his family lived in the desert.  The idea of a flood was not logical as it barely even rained.  God instructs to Noah exactly how big the boat should be built and it had to seem impossible as the boat would be bigger than a football field (Genesis 6:15).  I would have given up at that point due to overwhelm.  Then God tells Noah that he should gather two of every kind of animal and bring them into the ark (Genesis 6:19).  Surely Noah questioned how that would even be possible.  And finally, God made Noah aware that the entire human population would be wiped out except for him and his family (Genesis 6:17&18).  How would Noah even explain that to his neighbors and friends?  

But, we read that even through all that God commanded Noah to do, Noah did everything that God had commanded him (Genesis 6:22).  Even as God asked him to do what sounded crazy, Noah could have doubted what he heard God saying.  He could have said “No way am I doing any of that.”  But Noah obeyed, just as God commanded.  By obeying god’s commands, Noah demonstrated he fully trusted God and was willing to follow him.  No matter how difficult or crazy he looked to others.  Noah knew that God had a plan and a purpose.  

What is God asking you to do?  Do you trust God and believe that He has a purpose and plan for your life just as He did for Noah?  Are you willing to look crazy in front your neighbors and friends to follow through on what God asks you to do?  We can start by taking small steps to trust Him.  He might not be asking you to build a boat as big as a football field, but He might be asking you to begin by talking to Him and reading His Word.  

What small step can you take to trust God as you begin this new year?