Why God?

Genesis 21-23, Psalm 107, Mark 8

I’ve been hearing lately the phrase “God is who he says he is.”  Every time I hear it, I am reminded of five simple statements that my mother taught me.  They steady my faith and encourage my soul.

I believe…

God is who he says he is.

God can do what he says he can do.

You are who God says you are.

You can do what God says you can do.

I believe God!

The Psalmist in Psalm 107 takes it deeper, noting specific attributes of God.  These are worth adding to my list:

He is good (v1)

His love endures forever (v1)

He redeems from trouble (2)

He gathers people (3)

He delivers from distress (6)

He leads (7)

He loves steadfastly (8)

He works wondrously for me (8)

He satisfies longing souls (9)

He fills my soul with good things (9)

He humbles me (12)

He delivers me from my distress  (13)

He brings me to the light (14)

He breaks my bonds (14)

He shatters bronze and cast iron (16)

He sent his word to heal and deliver me from de3structino (20)

He delivers me from self-induced distress, again (28)

He calms the storm (29)

He brings me to my desired place (30)

He turns rivers into deserts (33)

He dries up springs (33)

He turns fruitful lands into salty wastes (34)

He turns deserts into pools of water (35)

He gives me a place to dwell (36)

He watches me work the land (37)

He multiples my effort (38)

He pours contempt on my enemies (39-40)

He raises up the needy (41)

His love for me is steadfast (43)


How am I to respond to these things?  Just as the Psalmist does.

Give thanks.  Worship.  Cry out to the Lord.  Thank him.  Cry out to the Lord.  Thank Him.  Remember his works.  Thank the Lord.  Offer sacrifices of thanksgiving.  Tell of his deeds.  Sing with joy.  Cry to the Lord.  Thank The Lord. Go to church and extol him.  Praise him with other Christians.  Be glad.  Think about who God is. Consider his steadfast love.