Let’s Get Going!

Leviticus 15-18, Psalm 31, Hebrews 6

Many people want to become real estate agents.  Maybe you watch Million Dollar Real Estate Agent or House Hunters and get the itch too.  From those shows, lots of people decide to take the next step and get licensed.  But, did you know that lots of people who get a real estate license never sell any real estate?  It’s true.  It’s because getting a license is different than selling real estate.  Let me explain.  The licensing process is a requirement of the state.  The state needs real estate agents to know the laws that govern real estate.  Some of this is practical, like the division of land into sections and acres, and some of it is protectionist, benefiting the consumer.  Training from the state, however, is just the beginning.  To sell real estate, you must go out into the world and help people.  That means you have to come out from behind the computer and share your knowledge.  That’s where the real fun begins.  To be great, you have to learn about the economy, psychology, negotiating, and develop business skills.  It’s a lifelong process.  But some won’t make it.  They don’t want to take the steps to become great and instead stay behind the computer.  Some only last a couple of months. Some will hang on for years.  Eventually, they fade away.  Ironically, this is exactly what Paul is talking about today in Hebrews 6.

As new Christians, we are excited.   Salvation has changed us; we have a new outlook on life.  No longer a slave to our old selves, we get to step out and be whoever we want to be.  Yahoo!  Thank you, Jesus!  But we don’t.  We take our newfound salvation and sit on the couch, watch tv, or read a book.  Paul is urging us to get on with it (v6).  If we don’t, it could turn out badly.  Remember what happened to the real estate agent?

What Paul really wants us to know is that our great life is “out there.”  We need to get out into the world and do things.  “But, but, but I don’t know what to do,” we cower.  But we do.  Armed with faith, we can do any work.  Soaked in God’s love, we can lead and heal people.  Encouraged by God’s promises, we can endure every adversity (1 Thessalonians 1:3).  So, stop being sluggish, lazy, and dull, Paul charges.

Paul has stirred my soul.  I’m ready to “get on with it.”  I want to be Christ’s love in the world. I want others to experience God’s joy through me.  I’m ready to carry my faith to maturity.  This is how we do good things.  This is how we become who God created us to be.