Grace Begets Grace

Proverbs 19-21, Psalms 40, Romans 16

Grace begets grace.  It means that if I give grace, I will also receive grace.  That sounds nice.  But is it true?

I’ve been struggling with someone recently.  I’ve been insulted, cheated, and slandered.  My response to this aggression has been only grace.  What does that look like?  It looks like kindness.  Despite the evil dished upon me, I have been kind.  Grace also extends hope.  Hope for a peaceful and productive relationship.   My heart says that if I give grace, grace will be returned.  Thus the phrase, grace begets grace.

But, the problem persists.  My generosity has been rejected.  My kindness has been returned with malice and outright hostility.  Why would I continue?  At what point do I stop extending grace?

In frustration, I cry out to God.  “What shall I do?  How can I make someone understand that I am for them, not against them?  How will they see that my love is real?”

God’s response was perfect.  “Exactly,” He said.

As He turns my thoughts toward the grace He has given me, my heart sinks.  My will is strong.  I have been rebellious.  At times, I have been hostile.

If grace begets grace, what does a graceful response to Jesus look like?  Surrender, humility, praise, and worship, and of course service.