6 Ways To Motivate People

Joshua was a great leader.  One reason for his success was his ability to motivate people.  Let’s take a look back through Joshua 23 and 24 to identify the ways that he motivated people.
Visionary Motivation – Joshua 1:10-15
As Joshua commands his men to cross the river and take the Promised Land, he reminds them of whats in store for them.
Structural Motivation – Joshua 23:2
Joshua knew that true leadership required the collaboration of his whole team.  We too have people around us, and above us that we need to summon.
Historical Motivation – Joshua 24:2-13
Joshua gave a brief recap of God’s past faithfulness.  This is a good reminder that if God was faithful then, he will be again.  We can count on him.  How often do we go back and recount where God has been faithful in our lives?  Remember what God has done, and share it!
Moral Motivation – Joshua 24:14-15
Joshua is calling on high standards for living.  We want to live lives with high integrity and we want to surround ourselves with others that will do the same.  But, we must choose.  I like the way Joshua emphasizes his own choice.  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”
Negative Motivation – Joshua 24:19-22
Have you ever been motivated by someone telling you that you cannot achieve it?  That tactic often makes us want to do something just to prove them wrong.  Joshua uses it too.  “You are not able to serve the Lord” he says.  Of course, it worked.  The Israelite’s response was “…but we will!”
Symbolic Motivation – Joshua 24:25-27
We are motivated by reminders. Seeing a symbol – like a cross – quickly prompts us to do the right thing.  Think too of the WWJD bracelets.  Joshua did it with a large stone set near the sanctuary of the Lord.  He set it to be a reminder of the covenant that the people made with the Lord.
How did all of this work for Joshua? According to verse 31, “Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders who outlived Joshua and had known all the work that the Lord did for Israel.”